SitterCity Free Trial

Sittercity: The best sitters are here

SitterCity is offering a 7 day free trial. Let SitterCity help you find qualified child care, pet care, senior care, home care or tutoring professional.

SitterCity free trial sign up instructions:

  1. Click the SitterCity banner above.
  2. Click the Join Now button.
  3. Create a user name. Enter email address and choose password.
  4. Next click Sign Me Up.
  5. Choose the Free Trial account and follow instructions to sign up.
  6. Get started by posting a job or searching for caregivers or tutors in your area.

SitterCity coupon code (Save 30%):

  1. Save 30% using the coupon code in the banner below.

SitterCity free trial cancellation instructions:

  1. No need to cancel. When the free trial ends your account will not be charged. The account does not automatically upgrade to a paid account. To keep the service simply upgrade your account to either a monthly or annual membership.

Sittercity: The best sitters are here
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